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Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser | Electric and ultrasonic with LED lights

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You've just found the best little electric aromatherapy diffuser around!
What is it? This ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser is a compact device that infuses the air with a mist of essential oils and water. It can be used for a variety of therapeutic uses, or just to create a beautiful scent.
Here's why you’ll fall in love with this mood-infusing, magic little sidekick.
✓ Ultrasonic—this means it diffuses oil and water into mist through vibrations, rather than heat.
✓ Elegant wood grain design, looks great anywhere; bedside, office, lounge and kitchen.
✓ Timer setting | 1 hour | 3 hours | 6 hours
✓ Choose your preferred light colour or let it gradually cycle through all the colours of the rainbow.
✓ Mist output: 33ml/h
✓ Long life LED: Around 200,000 hours of light
✓ Automatic switch-off function,  when water runs out
✓ Low noise (<36dB)
✓ 200ml water tank
✓ Compact size (168.5mm diameter and 83mm high)
✓ Constructed from PP + ABS + PC (types of plastic) which make the diffuser strong and light.
✓ Made using environmental PP material 
✓ Safe and reliable

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