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Feel Festive essential oil blend | 10ml

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Create the spirit of Christmas instantly with our Feel Festive blend. 

Press the mist button and you'll be transported to happy holiday feelings with our mix of Fir (the real Christmas tree smell,) warm Cinnamon and a hint of Orange. Think sitting under the Christmas tree drinking mulled wine—that's the essence you'll get in this bottle. 

Our Feel Festive blend contains:

Fir  | 100% therapeutic grade essential oil

Abies balsamea

The essential 'Christmas tree smell' we all love so well. In addition to recreating the Christmas tree experience, Fir is used for it's stimulating and reinvigorating properties. 

Cinnamon Bark | 100% therapeutic grade essential oil

Cinnamomum zeylanicum

As well as providing the smell of of mulled wine under the Christmas tree, cinnamon is used in aromatherapy to instil confidence and self-acceptance or self-confidence; helping us move beyond emotions and feelings that no longer serve us.  What a great gift to give yourself as you reflect on the year that was and welcome in the New Year.

Cinnamon bark essential oil is best be avoided during pregnancy.

Orange | 100% therapeutic grade essential oil

Citrus sinensis

Rounding out our Christmas tree and mulled wine experience with a fresh hint of zest, is Orange essential oil. Orange is also fantastic for creating a positive outlook, promoting cheerfulness and bringing a sense of warmth. In Chinese culture oranges also symbolise good luck and prosperity—another reason this is the perfect gift!


General precautions: Always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil if applying externally (1:25 ratio is a good rule of thumb.) Not to be taken internally. Use the gentlest oils at low doses with children. If you are pregnant or have any medical condition, use oils only under the guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. 

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